We want to preserve the world's lungs. Learn about our project for the protection of 67 thousand square meters of forest and nature in Costa Rica.

Online Presence:

Establish a comprehensive website and social media platforms highlighting the significance of the forest, its ecological importance, and the need for preservation. Share engaging content regularly.

Educational Content:

Create videos, articles, infographics, and other informative content to raise awareness about the role of forests in combating climate change and maintaining biodiversity.


Collaborate with environmental organizations, influencers, and relevant stakeholders to amplify the message.

2. Donation Platform and Structure:

Online Donation Portal:

Set up a user-friendly platform allowing easy and secure donations. Highlight the impact of each donation in sustaining the forest.


Ensure transparency in fund allocation and showcase progress through reports, updates, and real-time tracking of the forest's condition.

3. Donor Engagement:

Personalized Engagement:

Send regular updates to donors, illustrating the positive changes their contributions have facilitated.

Recognition and Incentives:

Recognize and appreciate donors through acknowledgment, certificates, or other symbolic gestures. Consider incentives like exclusive content or events for regular contributors.

4. Marketing and Outreach:

Targeted Campaigns:

Tailor campaigns to specific demographics or regions, emphasizing the global impact of preserving this forest.

Partnerships and Collaborations:

Partner with businesses, schools, environmental groups, and influencers to expand outreach.

5. Community Involvement:

Local Engagement:

Engage local communities living near the forest, involving them in conservation efforts, and showcasing how their lives benefit from a healthy ecosystem.

Volunteer Programs:

Establish volunteer programs for tree planting, forest clean-ups, and other activities to encourage direct involvement.

6. Progress Tracking and Reporting:

Regular Updates:

Provide regular updates on the forest's health, biodiversity, and the impact of donations.

Impact Reports:

Share success stories, milestones achieved, and the broader impact on the environment through annual or periodic reports.

7. Partnerships and Support:

Government Collaboration:

Engage with local and national governments to gain support, funding, and legal protection for the forest.

Corporate Sponsorship:

Approach environmentally-conscious corporations for potential sponsorship or matching donation programs.

8. Continuous Improvement:

Feedback Mechanism:

Encourage feedback from donors and stakeholders to continuously improve the donation experience and overall conservation efforts.

By implementing a comprehensive strategy that focuses on raising awareness, engaging donors, ensuring transparency, and fostering a sense of community and global responsibility, you can work towards achieving your goal of preserving the forest as a global lung through daily donations from millions of people.

Great, if all the trees in the 67,000 square meters of reforestation are over 28 years old, we can use the average oxygen production of mature trees for the estimation.

Given that all trees are mature and assuming the same average oxygen production rate of 118 kilograms (260 pounds) per tree annually for trees over 28 years old:

Let's estimate the number of trees for this larger area. Assuming a mature forest with increased density:

If we consider approximately 2,000 mature trees (all over 28 years old), we can calculate the oxygen production.

Using the same formula:

\[ \text{Oxygen produced per tree per year} \times \text{Number of trees} = \text{Total oxygen produced per year} \]

\[ 118 \, \text{kg/tree/year} \times 2,000 \, \text{trees} = 236,000 \, \text{kg/year} \]

Therefore, in an area of 67,000 square meters with all trees being mature (over 28 years old), the potential annual oxygen production might be approximately 236,000 kilograms (around 520,000 pounds).

Support our cause by contributing just $1 daily to safeguard and preserve untouched forest lands in Costa Rica, preventing their sale to companies eager to pursue construction projects. Your donation makes a lasting impact on conservation efforts and helps protect these vital ecosystems for future generations.