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Welcome to Plantatree, where we are dedicated to environmental preservation and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Discover who we are and our mission to make the world a better place.

Our Story

Plantatree has grown with the vision of making a positive impact on the health of our planet. From our humble beginnings, we have worked tirelessly to foster environmental awareness and social responsibility.

Assuming 67,000 square meters of land with 3 mature trees per square meter (67,000 sqm * 3 trees/sqm = 201,000 trees), and the average mature tree produces approximately 118 kg of oxygen per year, here's a rough calculation:

201,000 trees * 118 kg of oxygen per tree per year = 23,718,000 kg of oxygen per year.

This is a rough estimate and should be taken as such. The actual oxygen production can vary widely depending on various factors, including tree species, health, climate, and geographical location.

Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory

Oxygen Production

Trees are essential for oxygen production through photosynthesis. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, playing a critical role in improving air quality and providing breathable air for humans and wildlife.

Carbon Sequestration

Forests act as carbon sinks, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Mature trees can store significant amounts of carbon, mitigating the effects of climate change by reducing greenhouse gases.

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Forest reserves support diverse ecosystems, providing habitats for various plant and animal species. Preserving such areas helps maintain biodiversity and supports ecological balance, benefiting wildlife and contributing to ecosystem services like pollination, soil fertility, and water regulation.

Climate Regulation

Forests help regulate local and global climates by influencing temperature, humidity, and precipitation patterns. They can moderate temperatures, reduce the impact of extreme weather events, and contribute to local climate stability.

Water Conservation

Trees and forests play a crucial role in water conservation by preventing soil erosion, maintaining water quality, and regulating water flow. They help retain water in the soil, reducing the risk of floods and ensuring a steady water supply.

Recreational and Cultural Value

Forest reserves offer recreational opportunities like hiking, camping, and nature exploration. They also hold cultural significance for indigenous communities and societies, preserving traditional knowledge and practices.

Educational and Scientific Research

Forest reserves serve as living laboratories for studying ecology, biodiversity, climate change, and various scientific research topics. They contribute to our understanding of natural systems and provide valuable educational resources.

Overall, preserving a forest reserve with mature trees at a higher altitude not only sustains the environment by maintaining ecosystems but also offers numerous benefits crucial for the well-being of both the planet and humanity.

"The world we live in is getting sick because we're hurting nature too much. Trees and forests are like our planet's lungs. They help us breathe clean air and keep the Earth healthy. But if we keep cutting down trees and not taking care of them, it's making it hard for everyone, including us. We're seeing more floods, fires, and it's getting hotter.

If we don't start taking better care of nature, things could get even worse. That's why we need to protect places with lots of trees, like forests, because they're really important. They give us clean air, keep our water clean, and help animals live too.

We can all help by using less stuff that hurts nature, like using less plastic or driving less if we can. It's like taking care of our home because we only have one planet. If we work together to take care of it, we can make things better for everyone, including ourselves."



Hi, my name is Jose, creator and CEO of Diversity token. My specialty is crypto currencies, Through working so closely with it, I have been taking awareness of what are we causing to earth, the idea is to Diversity to change the planet and save it with you. Being a scientist I understand what we face and it’s not anything nice. The world will end if we don’t take action now, the time we have is less than 97years. My mission is to plant 160 billion trees to fight back all of of the co2 emitted by all the crypto that require energy and destroy the environment.